Drug Side Effects | Aggressive Behavior Mood Swings

Aggressive Behavior and Mood Swings

Aggressive behavior and mood swings can be caused by a number of things including medical disorders such as brain tumors and use of illegal and prescription drugs. Aggressive behavior in adults can come on gradually or suddenly and causes a dramatic change in moods. This behavior can be brought on by stressful external circumstances, such as an upheaval in one’s personal life, or by the use of drugs and alcohol. It is generally incited by an incident whereas mood swings tend to be more unpredictable and will change radically throughout the day. A person experiencing mood swings will be happy one moment and depressed or angry the next. Both of these symptoms can generally be treated through psychological intervention and medication.

Symptoms of aggressive behavior and mood swings

  • unpredictable behavior
  • extreme feelings of frustration and sadness and depression

People suffering with both symptoms can also experience:

  • anxiety
  • sleep loss
  • withdrawal from intimate friendships with friends and family
  • difficulties at work.

Symptoms vary from mild to extreme. Those experiencing mild symptoms may snap at friends or family members for no reason. Those with extreme symptoms may use physical violence against people or objects. Symptoms of mood swings are characterized by:

  • frequent and sudden changes in mood

It’s normal for people to have mild mood swings over a period of time. Those suffering from mood swings will experience an extreme change in moods several times a day. It’s often difficult or impossible to associate them swings with any particular event.


Treatment of aggressive behavior and mood swings include psychiatric evaluation and lifestyle change. A psychiatrist can help determine what’s causing them. If it’s situation-based, they may suggest the patient make a life change. They also may prescribe anti-depressants or therapy.

Treatment of aggressive behavior includes psychological treatment. Anger management courses or one-on-one therapy can help calm aggressive behavior.

Treatment of mood swings generally results in a psychological evaluation. Mood swings can be an indicator of serious psychological disorders such as bi-polar disorders. Mood stabilizers and anti-anxiety medication is often prescribed to those suffering from mood swings.

Drug Side Effects

Chantix aggressive behavior and mood swings are caused by taking high dosage of the drug or taking the drug in conjunction with other medications. Chantix users with a history of mental disorders may also experience Chantix aggressive behavior and mood swings.

Chantix aggressive behavior is one of a number of Chantix side effects caused by taking a large dose of the medication. The active ingredient, varenicline, can trigger aggressive responses in Chantix patients.

Chantix mood swings may be caused by using Chantix with other pharmaceuticals. The interaction of Chantix with other drugs may cause mood swings.